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EuroBridge has established itself as a leading player in shipping and logistics in Malta by continually improving its service, and adding even more options to satisfy the rapidly growing needs of its clients.

If your company has international aspirations or already works with agents and partners overseas, then your horizons are only as wide as the shipping company you use. EuroBridge offers a comprehensive range of shipping services for different types of cargo, time requirements, and the most efficient transportation routes to key destinations in Europe.

Full load trailer exports

Eurobridge offers full load trailer exports to all destinations in Europe, including major ports and cities, through our state-of-the-art fleet of trailers. We operate a regular pick-up schedule from Malta, and strive to ensure timely delivery while offering the most cost-effective transportation solutions for your cargo.

Groupage services from Scandinavia and the Baltics

We also offer high-quality groupage services from Scandinavia and the Baltic region to Malta, with regular departures and competitive rates for all kinds of freight.

Thanks to our team’s experience and extensive network of suppliers across Europe, EuroBridge can be the link that completes your supply chain from Scandinavia and the Baltics to Malta, ensuring that cargo is transported safely and efficiently every time.

Cross-trading shipments between EU countries

Our team understands that as a business grows and diversifies, there may be instances where cargo has to be moved to and from countries in which the company doesn’t have an official presence.

EuroBridge caters for the shipping and logistics requirements of clients in this situation through the establishment of cross-trading shipment teams which help move cargo to and from places in which businesses don’t operate. With a dedicated cross-trading shipments service, companies can save time and money, and avoid extra handling expenses when doing business abroad.

Thanks to our close ties with EU partners, we can guarantee our clients a seamless and secure experience when booking cross-trading shipments.

Dedicated pick-ups for exceptional ETAs

Sometimes a delivery has to be completed within a span of minutes, otherwise this could result in missed connections, loss of money and opportunities, and ultimately dissatisfied customers.

For such time-sensitive cargo, we at EuroBridge are able to offer dedicated pick-ups from any address and a fully trackable system that lets you know in real time where your shipment is at and when it has safely arrived at its final destination.

For bookings and enquiries about our rates and services, please contact our team on sales@eurobridge.com.mt or call us on +356 22 487 000.

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