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Companies in 2019 are waking up to the way their operations impact society and the environment, and many are taking measures that mitigate the negative effects and promote a more responsible approach to sustainable communities and natural spaces.

EuroBridge takes its corporate social responsibilities (CSR) very seriously and over the years the company has rolled out various initiatives that transformed the workplace into a greener, more people-friendly environment. 

In this blog post, we list 5 strategies that we’ve adopted to help us achieve just that:

1. Going green with our new warehouse

The opening of the new warehouse in Qormi gave us an opportunity to rethink how our company could work in a greener way and implement a number of features that help us reach our environmental goals. 

Being situated in a central location, which can be conveniently reached from anywhere in Malta, has made it possible to decrease travel time, therefore causing less traffic on the roads and reducing emissions and fuel consumption by our vehicles. 

We also decided to invest heavily in solar power for our new facility by installing over 400 solar panels that provide clean, renewable energy for our operations.

2. Partnering with voluntary organisations for a good cause

Every year, EuroBridge teams up with a registered voluntary organisation in Malta to plan an activity that helps raise funds and promote awareness of its cause. In the past few years, we’ve collaborated with ALS Malta, Aġenżija Appoġġ, and the Puttinu Cares Foundation.

Together we managed to:

  • Totally redecorate and refurbish a children’s room at Aġenżija Appoġġ
  • Organise a pool party and raise €700 for Puttinu Cares
  • Raise €2,000 at a charity sale in aid of ALS Malta

This year, we are planning an activity with Richmond Foundation, one of the leading providers of mental health services and education on the island. 

Make sure to follow our Facebook page for updates as soon as they’re available.

3. Adopting a paperless management system

After a lengthy transition process, the EuroBridge office has gone completely paperless and we now use exclusively digital files and emails to communicate among ourselves, suppliers and clients. It’s not a coincidence that green is our official company colour! EuroBridge is green and works green too.

4. Giving a hand to employees and their families

Earlier this year, we officially launched an Employee Fund which is available to all our employees and their family members. This initiative aims to support co-workers and their loved ones by offering them additional financial assistance during times of need.

5. Transitioning to remote work

In 2020, we plan to install a new computer system company-wide that will help us transition to a totally web-based work environment. 

This will make it possible for our staff to work directly from home, giving them more flexibility to plan their days, spend more quality time with their families, and help contribute to a reduction in traffic by cutting down on car trips.

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