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It’s been just over 4 months since we originally announced on our blog the opening of a dedicated warehouse that will become the new hub of Eurobridge’s operations.

In this short span of time, the site in Tal-Ħlas, Qormi, has become a veritable hub of activity, where almost every inch of space is animated everyday by the coming and going of vehicles, goods and people.

Working in such a busy environment can be a challenge for drivers, operators, staff members and customers who drop by to pick their shipments. This is why we made sure our new property follows all local and international security protocols: to ensure a safe and hospitable workplace fit for our employees, as well as a place where the needs of clients and visitors can be fulfilled in the most efficient manner.

In fact, the new warehouse was designed with a variety of safety features in mind, including the creation of designation safe areas (marked in blue in the illustration above) where pedestrians can walk in and speak with our staff at the warehouse office. We always advise our customers and transporters to follow all safety procedures and walk within the lines.

Operated to the same standards that Eurobridge is renowned for, the new warehouse offers several advantages beyond its convenient location at the centre of the island and easy access from surrounding main roads:

  • Yard with loading bays for trailer load-on and off-load
  • Warehouse layout design for greater ease and speed of operations
  • Over 3,000 m2 of usable storage space with racks for more efficient storage
  • Staffed by Eurobridge’s professional and experienced team

Regular warehousing work activities may give rise to a number of health and safety issues, which can be addressed proactively by following standard guidelines and procedures according to the highest levels of industry compliance.

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