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On Saturday, 15th April, EuroBridge held a charity sale in Qormi to raise funds for ALS Malta Foundation, the local organisation founded by entrepreneur Bjorn Formosa to raise awareness and offer support to people living with ALS and MND in Malta.

Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), also referred to as motor neuron disease (MND), is a degenerative disease that affects the body’s nervous system. ALS causes a person’s muscles to weaken over time, resulting in difficulties in moving, speaking, swallowing and breathing. There is no known cure.

ALS Malta offers a community for people with this condition, where they learn more about managing and living with ALS, and obtain emotional and financial help while receiving treatment.

The fundraising event organised by EuroBridge raised €2,000, which will go towards helping ALS Malta provide palliative care and support for people with ALS and MND, as well as to fund medical researchers who study the disease in search for a cure.

This charity sale was held in collaboration with the Qormi Local Council, Charles Darmanin Ltd, Maypole, Fiorita Rabat, General Soft Drinks, Country Flowers, and Derek Garden Centre.

Donations to ALS Malta can be made any time by calling these telephone numbers:

  • 5170 2016 – €15
  • 5180 2018 – €2

All mobile customers can send an SMS donation of €6.99 on 5061 8936. Information about making bank transfers or PayPal donations can be found on www.alsmalta.org.

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