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When it comes to transporting cargo, the most important factors revolve around its safe arrival at its destination, value for money, and duration of the entire process and journey.

EuroBridge offers you a flexible, fast, and efficient full trailer load (FTL) service which is supported by our international and local contacts. Since we are owners of our own trailers, we are in the unique position of offering you the best rates and service.

Put Your Mind At Rest

At EuroBridge, we are determined to provide our customers with the best logistical solution that will add value to you as our customers. We strive to be the best at what we do to be able to make a difference.

This is achieved through our own fleet varying from curtain sided trailers, mega trailers, box trailers, open top trailers and step trailers. This means that whatever you require, we can surely find a way to accommodate. Furthermore, we can handle all forms of cargo that you might need to have transported. Whether it is general or hazardous cargo, export or an import, EuroBridge guarantees that you will receive a comprehensive and supreme quality of service.

We also conduct weekly services through our carefully selected partners, while also keeping in direct contact with both suppliers and foreign transporters in order to expedite the service which we offer you.

Get a Truckload Of This

If you require the transportation of a full trailer, we can easily accommodate you through our our own fleet of trailers.

This method of transportation ensures that your cargo does not make any stops on the way to its destination and that the trip is as efficient and fast as possible. This is particularly useful for businesses who require goods to be shipped to and from their offices as quickly and as safely as possible.

Contact Us Anytime

At EuroBridge we are always happy to help in any way we can. Should you wish to discuss any requirements relating to your FTL requests, a member of our sales team would be more than happy to do so through a short phone call, email, or a more detailed discussion.

Contact us to discuss your requirements at sales@eurobridge.com.mt.

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