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By shipping Maltese products to export markets in Europe and beyond, EuroBridge helps manufacturers grow and stay competitive in a globalised economy.

Our team provides a dedicated export service that becomes an extension of your business operations, keeping up with the busy pace of national clients and their overseas partners. We strive to meet the most challenging production and export schedules, without compromising on service quality and safety, by offering the following advantages:

EU-wide supplier network with competitive rates

EuroBridge offers highly competitive rates for shipping cargo quickly and securely from Malta to the main destinations across Europe. Domestic manufacturers can confidently expand their reach and introduce made-in-Malta products to new markets, making them full players in today’s globalised economy.

We can offer advantageous rates to clients in Malta, particularly those with a high volume of cargo, because of several unique factors incorporated in our operations, which distinguish EuroBridge from other shipping agencies:

  • Wide network of transport handlers and excellent relations with shipping brokers
  • Our own equipment, fleet of trailers and a state-of-the-art warehouse
  • Overseas partners, including shipping lines and operators

Convenient last-minute loadings

Industrial manufacturing thrives on reliability and the timely movement of goods along the supply chain. Delays of a few minutes on the production line may end up directly costing the operation thousands, but these incidents can also lead other consequences, such as missed shipping connections and cancelled contracts that cause reputational damage, and further monetary loss.

While we stick to standard collection hours for export cargo EuroBridge is prepared to handle last-minute loadings due to unpredictable circumstances, thus limiting or avoiding the negative impact on operations.

Customised and reliable service

Your company’s shipping and logistics partner should be capable of adapting to your specific requirements, never the other way round.

EuroBridge provides just-in-time deliveries all over Europe, which can align better with your inventory management strategy and help you meet changing market demands more efficiently. We also do customised deliveries with additional services that offer more convenience to our manufacturing clients, namely:

  • Stacking goods on pallets and shrink-wrapping when needed
  • Arranging dedicated transports for urgent shipments
  • Tracking of shipments

For bookings and enquiries about our rates and services, please contact our team on sales@eurobridge.com.mt or call us on +356 22 487 000.

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