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Commerce happens at the speed of a click, but the transport of tangible products is still restricted by speed limits, long distances, unpredictable weather, and countless other obstacles. Add in the fact that you’re moving goods from an island and the resulting picture can seem quite discouraging.

Don’t let logistics be a roadblock for your company’s goal to export goods from Malta to the rest of Europe. Eurobridge is proud to announce the launch of its own export service from Malta to all destinations in Europe. The new export service includes groupage and full trailer modalities, and just like with our import service, we offer the same low rates at the same excellent service.

Weekly export service from Malta to the rest of Europe

Eurobridge offers a weekly export groupage service from Malta to any place in Europe, with the loadings being closed on Friday and final delivery guaranteed within one week of being loaded. From our warehouse in Malta, freight is transported by sea to Genoa harbour and then moved over ground to our international hub in Milan, which offers convenient and fast road connections to other sites across the continent.

As Eurobridge clients who have made use of our import services know, we always strive to offer the most efficient, reliable and competitive logistical service on the island, which is why we guarantee:

  • Low shipping rates on our export groupage service comparable to import rates
  • Direct handling of outgoing shipments from our local office
  • Prompt ETA notification and real-time updates on shipment location

How does export groupage work?

Export groupage works by consolidating a variety of products onto one or more pallets to create a single shipment and reduce costs. This offers a cheaper alternative for sending freight from Malta to Europe through our extensive network of renowned and reliable partners. Each step of the shipping process is electronically linked to our main offices, where we can continuously monitor and track consignments en route, as well as provide proof of delivery (POD).

Export groupage tariffs are calculated according to your individual requirements, based on pallet size and weight, end destination, and delivery time. To receive a free quote, simply fill in the form on this page and a member of our team will send you a competitive rate within 1 working hour.

5 advantages Eurobridge offers to its clients

With Eurobridge you can ensure the most efficient and economical passage for your goods from Malta to any location in mainland Europe. As our import clients can already attest: our logistics team works hard to offer quick, reliable freight-forwarding at competitive rates.

Companies using our export groupage service should expect nothing less, which is why we promise them that:

We’ll send a quote within 1 working hour and prompt notification of ETA on all confirmed shipments

There’s nothing worse than waiting for a supplier to get back to you with something as straightforward as a quote for their service. We promise to answer back with a fully-costed quote on your shipment within 1 working hour – that’s right, if you contact us during office hours you’ll get your quote within the hour – as well as notify you immediately of the ETA on confirmed shipments.

We’ll pass on significant time and money savings because we focus only on logistics

Because Eurobridge is a logistics company through and through, our main focus in on getting our pallets loaded with your goods from Malta to Point B anywhere in Europe, and back again, in the shortest time possible and at the lowest cost. Since we have the flexibility to deal with different carriers, we don’t have to worry about overheads like fuel, vehicle maintenance, spare parts and repairs, which means you don’t have to either, and you certainly don’t have to fork out extra money on them.

We’ll keep direct contact between consignors and consignees; you’ll never have to talk with other intermediaries

There’s a very simple and centralised chain of supply which consists of you, us, and your consignee. Our team will be your point of contact throughout the entire process if you have any questions or requests about your shipment. On the other hand, we’ll get in touch with the consignee and follow up with them till the moment your goods are delivered safely on their doorstep.

We’ll never quote for extra agent fees, like handling and admin charges

Our team is in direct contact with a Europe-wide fleet of ground transport professionals who will deliver any package over miles of autostrade, Autobahnen, autoroutes, autovías, and motorways across the continent. As soon as you confirm the shipment order, we’ll engage a professional driver to pick it up from our hub in Milan and take it to its final destination. The process is as simple and transparent as it sounds, which keeps total costs as low as possible all around.

We’ll always deliver a quality service and give you trusted advice from industry experts

Having built an excellent reputation for delivering a quality service in the import/export business, Eurobridge has become a trusted logistics partner to many Maltese companies. We will extend the same level of service and attention to detail to our newly-launched export groupage solution, which will open up new and more cost-effective avenues for improving trade between Malta and the rest of Europe. From multipackaging to machine parts, Eurobridge can transport any kind of dry product to a destination in Europe and beyond.

Get your free online quote now

Eurobridge aims to be a one-stop-shop for local exporters and importers with customers or suppliers in Europe. You can request a free shipping quote in a few minutes by filling in your company and shipment details here. Tell us when you need the shipment to arrive at its destination, its weight, and the consignee’s address, and we’ll get back to you with a verified quote within 24 hours or less.

If you want to know more about how our export groupage service works and what other shipping solutions we offer to Maltese companies sending or receiving freight to/from Europe, please call our sales team on +356 2248 7000 or send an email on sales@eurobridge.com.mt. We’ll gladly answer all your questions and show you how exporting goods to Europe can be faster, easier and cheaper.

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