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2022 has only just gotten started, but we can already see that it is going to be a challenging year. Inflation is rising rapidly, and almost every sector of the economy is concerned. Most news relates that international freight costs have risen significantly since 2020 and forecasts are that they are set to continue rising in 2022.

The IRU this February published figures that demonstrate these trends; Q4 2021 is the 6th consecutive quarter of rate increases across Europe, where rising fuel costs, (up around 25% y-o-y in some major European markets), and the ongoing driver shortage have helped push up road freight costs and rates.

The IRU expects freight rates to remain high in Q1 2022 as demand stays high, costs continue to increase and capacities are constrained.

As a business owner concerned with unprecedented costs, you’re probably looking to find better rates for your imports or exports. The solution may be easier than you think.

We’ve Already Helped Our Customers Weather The 2021 Storm

There have been numerous factors contributing to this rise in freight forwarding prices, including a lack of drivers, the global pandemic, a lack of shipping containers, and complexities in supply chains.

For many of EuroBridge’s clients, however, 2021 looked somewhat different. Taking advantage of EuroBridge’s unique operations setup, our customers experienced almost no transport cost increases. In fact, in certain cases, we have been able to offer them even lower rates thanks to our reliable international partnerships.

Working smarter, such as by locking-in prices over the medium term, has allowed us to offer some of the lowest pallet shipping costs from and to the EU, UK, and further afield.

Prices in 2022

As we’re publishing this article, one of the EU’s most recent regulations and directives regarding road freight transport comes into effect. On the 21st of February 2022, these EU regulations have started to require road freight operators to have drivers and trucks move back to their country of origin every eight weeks.

Whilst this is being done to improve road safety and driver wellbeing, it will also lead to an increase in costs and, possibly, disruption of efficiency.

EuroBridge has been working hard with its freight forwarding partners to mitigate these effects and therefore these changes will have little effect on the service provided by EuroBridge to our customers. 

This is based on the fact that since our inception, we have sought to implement an operating model that relies on some of the major freight forwarding networks in Europe.

Clients who switch to EuroBridge in 2022 will, therefore, be able to benefit from lower rates and higher efficiencies than typical.

One Of Your First Smart Choices For The Year

Very few choices done in the first months of the year have the ability to transform your business for the rest of the year and subsequent years. Switching to EuroBridge today can help you beat inflation and provide your customers with better discounts and deals.

Each year, more business clients in Malta trust EuroBridge to deliver their valuable goods from Europe and the rest of the world. As we have grown, we have been able to negotiate even better rates with our partners, and as our customers can attest, we have passed on the savings onto them.

If you would like to start the year by making a great deal, get in touch with us at EuroBridge today.



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