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As we approach the end of another fruitful and challenging year, we wish to dedicate our final 2021 article to our team. We agree that is somewhat of a cliche, however, we’re doing it anyway!

This year has, once more, been marked by the incredible logistical challenges brought about by Covid-19. It has also been an extremely difficult year for our industry, with unprecedented shortages and delays.

If we could pick just one event that summarises the entire year, we would choose the blocking of the Suez Canal by the Ever Given. The subject of memes for many, this single event created a global ripple effect that we have only recently recovered from.

Unfortunately, this was far from the only major calamity faced by our industry in 2021. However, as a team, EuroBridge has overcome all that this year has put in our way. It is thanks to our ingenious, resourceful, and talented men and women that we have grown stronger and more resilient.

Our Commitment to The Team

Since its inception, EuroBridge has sought to show its appreciation to the individual employees. Early on, we obtained accreditation for our efforts to promote gender equality and a reward system based on merit. The NCPE’s Quality Mark is validation which we hold dearly, not as a way to boast, but rather a constant reminder of our responsibility to maintain a fair and equal work environment.

This year, we were also able to revamp our office space into a modern and comfortable space.When we look at our office now, we are reminded of the times when, together as a team, we worked long hours to mitigate situations that were, oftentimes, beyond our control. This dedication to our clients by our team is simply amazing. We aim to foster it through continued team building and other social and special events. 

In 2022, this will all continue. However, we aim to do more.

Welcoming the New Year

In the world of logistics, there are no real holidays, however, we also believe that as human beings, our team members deserve our respect and appreciation. This is one of the reasons why 2022 will see us focusing on the individual’s personal development plan. This will provide the necessary training and mentorship to upskill the team in areas of particular interest.

As a company, EuroBridge will continue to enhance its policies to encourage the participation of all our employees. We are fortunate to have an amazing mix of talent and experience, some local, others foreign, all working with the same goal in mind. It is our responsibility to ensure a culture that is inclusive, equal, and dynamic, designed to support individual persons and not a faceless corporate entity.

So, we close this article and this year with a sincere thank you to our employees. We appreciate all the effort you have put towards supporting our customers and maintaining our reputation. We hope that, with your help, we can continue to improve our time at work and take actions that make you feel proud to be a part of EuroBridge.


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