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Transportation logistics involves significant amounts of paperwork and administration. If you work in this field or department, you’re probably familiar with Intrastat Declarations.  The National Statistics Office (NSO) has recently announced that any backlog in declarations need to be cleared in the coming weeks.

Businesses of all sizes which have not submitted their Intrastat Declarations could face penalties in this regard. In the midst of a global pandemic and new EU-wide rules on freight companies, EuroBridge is here to offer support in assisting your business in clearing any backlog and to handle your Instrastat Declarations on an ongoing basis.

The Risks Of Not Submitting Your Intrastat Declarations

Intrastat Declarations are not just a formality, but a legal requirement of all importers and exporters who deal with other EU nations. Failing to submit a single declaration could result in a fine of between €700 and €3,500.

As a result of an increase in the number of businesses that are not submitting these documents on time, the NSO has begun sending notices demanding compliance within a limited time.

Let Us Handle The Paperwork

EuroBridge commonly handles the generation and submission of Intrastat Declarations on behalf of our clients. We have a specific Customs Declarations department comprised of experienced people who would be able to support you in this. Our team in fact is experienced to administer all sorts of goods transported to and from Malta and the rest of the EU.

We encourage our existing clients to come forward should they require assistance in submitting current or back-dated declarations. This will ensure that they adhere to the rules and will avoid the possibility of being fined.

In light of an increasingly challenging economic environment, we are also extending our Intrastat Declaration services to non-clients. As a result, if you have one or more missing declarations, you can engage our team to compile and submit these legal documents on your behalf.

If you would like to get rid of the hassle of filling in your Intrastat Declarations, get in touch with EuroBridge today at customs@eurobridge.com.mt



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