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Throughout the years, EuroBridge has been dedicated to organising events that not only benefit its staff but also contribute to charitable causes and fulfil corporate social responsibility (CSR) and ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) commitments.

Here’s a rundown of the impactful events organised by EuroBridge:

2015: Renovating a Room for Abused Children. EuroBridge dedicated time and resources to renovate a room for abused children at the Appoġġ centre in Pietá. Through sponsorships from clients, the team painted, cleaned, and assembled new furniture, creating a safer and more comfortable space for the children.

2016: EuroBridge Delivers Joy. In the spirit of Christmas, EuroBridge distributed gifts to children’s homes, including Angela House, St. Rita Home, and Ursuline Creche Sisters. The team dressed up as Santas and Elves, personally delivering three different toys to each child, spreading joy and holiday cheer.

2016: Pool Party for Puttinu Children. EuroBridge hosted a pool party for children supported by Puttinu Cares. The team collected sponsorships for toys, games, swimming instructors, and entertainment, ensuring a memorable and enjoyable experience for all the children involved.

2017: ALS Fundraising. In support of ALS Malta, EuroBridge organized a fundraising event in Qormi Square. With sponsorships and discounts on various items, including clothes, accessories, plants, and food, the team raised funds to support individuals affected by ALS.

2018: Extensive Clean-up of Selmun Barracks. EuroBridge dedicated a charity event to environmental conservation by organising an extensive clean-up of Selmun Barracks. The team collected tons of decades-old rubbish, contributing to the preservation of natural habitats.

2019: Deep Cleaning and Fun Day for KIDS Richmond Foundation. Half of the EuroBridge team deep cleaned the premises of KIDS Richmond Foundation, while the other half organised a fun day in the countryside for the children. With sponsorships for furniture and professional entertainers, the event included lunch and generous party bags for all the children.

2020: Fundraising Coffee Morning for Parkinson’s Disease Patients. EuroBridge organised a fundraising coffee morning at Chateaux Buskett for patients with Parkinson’s disease. Staff members spent quality time with the elderly, engaging in activities like dancing, bingo, and raffles, while also providing them with plants to enjoy.

2021: Football Game in Aid of Puttinu Care Campaign. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, EuroBridge couldn’t organise a charity event with vulnerable individuals. Instead, staff united for a football game in aid of the Puttinu Cares campaign. Additionally, the company sponsored a room at Dar Bjorn, Żebbuġ.

2022: RMJ Horse Rescue. EuroBridge dedicated its voluntary day to rescuing animals at RMJ Horse Rescue. Staff and their families participated in activities such as a stable tour, outdoor stables cleanup, and horse riding on rescued horses. A picnic in Buskett with Easter egg hunts and various amenities was also organized.

2023: Staff Training and Support for Pink October and World Mental Health Awareness. Although no charity team-building event was organised, EuroBridge focused on staff training through Think Talent. The company continued its support for Pink October and World Mental Health Awareness by hosting talks and events. Additionally, the company used its allocated budget for voluntary activities to purchase Christmas hampers from Dar Bjorn and sponsor a room for the organisation.

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