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Here at EuroBridge, we pride ourselves on being a Maltese company specialising in international freight forwarding, customs, and logistics, has been experiencing rapid growth thanks to our adoption of the BeOne Global solution by Nova Systems. We recognise the need to embrace new technologies in order to adapt to the evolving economic landscape and seize emerging opportunities.

Recently interviewed by International Transport Journal, our founder David Abela explained EuroBridge has found ideal tools in BeOne, from CRM to Business Intelligence, to drive and sustain our business growth.

We keep looking ahead

Having established ourselves as a leading forwarding company in Malta since our inception in 1995, we have evolved significantly in that time, and now provide groupage and FTL services across Europe through our well-established international network. Additionally, EuroBridge handles customs, air freight, and logistics services, leveraging warehousing facilities spanning over 5,000 square meters in Malta—a country with a thriving economy that stimulates import and export activities.

Looking ahead, EuroBridge envisions a future marked by significant investments. We plan to relocate our headquarters to a new property, allowing for expanded office space of over 600 square meters, complemented by an additional 1,200 square meters of warehouse space.

We are confident that these strategic choices will further propel our growth trajectory and strengthen our market presence.

EuroBridge embraces technology

In response to the ongoing corporate digitisation wave in our sector, EuroBridge has placed a strong emphasis on adopting new technologies. Our collaboration with Nova Systems has not only facilitated Eurobridge’s transition to a paperless company but has also encouraged the adoption of the BeOne software solution, which optimises our workflow. We collaborate with other forwarders utilising BeOne, promoting efficient communication channels and the effective management of operational activities.

EuroBridge recognises the advantages of using BeOne Global as a pivotal factor in our success. The software streamlines ours processes, ensuring clarity, efficiency, and simplicity in all operational activities.

The integration of Business Intelligence within BeOne empowers EuroBridge to make strategic decisions for our company’s future.

Moreover, the use of EDI enables optimised work processes, resulting in more efficient and faster communication while enhancing resource management.

We acknowledge the importance of customer loyalty in our growth strategy, and the BeOne CRM plays a fundamental role in achieving this objective by facilitating tariff management, customer information collection, and effective communication channels for building and expanding market shares.

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