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In a decisive move to steer EuroBridge into a future of unparalleled success, we are thrilled to announce key leadership changes within the team leading our freight forwarding company forward and into the future.

With his long years of experience and strong focus on bolstering our operations in Malta, EuroBridge is excited to welcome back David Abela, who will now assume the dual responsibilities of Managing Director and CEO.

David Abela brings a wealth of experience and a proven track record, having previously contributed significantly to EuroBridge’s success over two decades. His return to the business’ day to day marks a strategic decision to leverage his leadership skills for the continued growth and innovation of the company.

Joining forces with Abela is Matthew Napier, who previously held a role as Operations Manager at EuroBridge. Napier will now be our Chief Commercial Officer (CCO), and his in-depth understanding of our operations uniquely positions him to drive commercial strategies that align with EuroBridge’s goals.

Joseph Tedesco assumes the role of Chief Operations Officer (COO), bringing a seasoned perspective to streamline and enhance our operational efficiency. His dedication to excellence ensures that EuroBridge’s commitment to reliable and efficient freight forwarding services remains unwavering.

Nicky Vella, our Warehouse Manager, will continue playing a pivotal role in optimising our storage and distribution capabilities, ensuring seamless operations and customer satisfaction.

From left to right; Matthew Napier, Nicky Vella, David Abela, Joseph Tedesco

As we welcome these accomplished individuals, we bid a fond farewell to outgoing CEO Robert Cassar, acknowledging and appreciating his recent years of dedicated service to EuroBridge. We extend our best wishes for his future endeavours.

EuroBridge is poised for a new era of success with this dynamic leadership team, reaffirming our commitment to excellence in the freight forwarding and shipping industry in Malta and beyond.

Stay tuned as we continue to raise the bar for unparalleled service and customer satisfaction.

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