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Many marketplace sellers and manufacturers located abroad limit shipping to their own or neighbouring countries. This poses a challenge for Maltese importers and the general public who wish to get hold of particular items which are not available elsewhere. From increased paperwork and costs to a potentially low return on investment, there are many reasons why sellers take this decision. This has inevitably discouraged individuals and businesses in Malta from buying from abroad, restricting their choice and value comparison.

EuroBridge offers a solution that eliminates this problem for you.

Using our FCA Warehouses

Today, EuroBridge has an established and reliable network of warehouses located across the EU. These FCA, or free carrier, warehouses are able to bridge the gap between a Maltese entity looking to purchase from Europe and a seller who is not ready or equipped to sell to Malta.

Available in Germany, The Netherlands, France, Spain, Italy, and the UK, our partner warehouses deliver increased choice and solutions in an efficient and cost-effective manner.

Both businesses and private individuals in Malta can benefit from our FCA warehouses. Whilst goods destined for a business may be new or second hand, those destined for an individual must be brand new. It is also vital that goods are packed properly for international shipping. Poorly-packed items may have to be returned to the seller or might need to be repacked at a charge.

The Shipping Process

Whilst we won’t bore you with the intricacies of shipping from a European country to Malta, we would like to provide you with a quick overview of how easy it is to use our FCA warehouse solution.

When you find a seller located in a European country who is not ready to ship the goods to Malta, you should get in contact with us. We will check the most efficient route to our nearest warehouse and provide you with a quote. Once you provide us with the green light to proceed, we will confirm the warehouse’s address so you can pass it on to the seller. One thing that does matter to us a lot is that you need to ensure that the seller will properly and professionally pack the goods and items you have bought from them.

Once the goods are delivered to our appointed warehouse we will arrange a shipment to Malta according to our frequent schedule. We will then deliver your goods to your door or, if you prefer, prepare for you to have them collected from our own warehouse.

The Benefits of our FCA Warehouses

In an increasingly globalized world, staying competitive by using every advantage possible is vital for any business, whether large or small. This solution allows you to access seller markets that would otherwise be out of reach. In addition, our competitive pricing and frequent schedule mean that it is likely that you will benefit from our warehouses even if the seller is ready to ship the goods to Malta.

As an individual, our solution delivers an entire continent of marketplace sellers at your fingertips. Whether you are shopping for household items, appliances, or looking to get hold of equipment for some fun in the sun, EuroBridge can deliver it to you, even if the seller won’t.

Our team is ready to help you bring the goods you need to where you need them. Contact us today and let us provide you with frictionless, cross-border shipping.



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