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When was the last time you thought about the origin of the items around you? Sitting in your home or office, you are probably surrounded by furniture, digital devices, and objects which come from all four corners of the globe. If you sit back and think about it for a moment you will quickly realise what an amazing feat it is to transport goods made in one part of the world to a market eager to buy them on the opposite side of the planet.

For us at EuroBridge, international freight and logistics are what gets us out of bed (very early) in the morning. This is the sector within which we operate, and where we strive to deliver superb service and reliable deliveries. We would like to open our doors to you and provide you with a sneak peek at the work that we do each day.

From Manufacturer to Seller

Think of the last item you’ve purchased from a shop or online. Do you remember its country of origin or manufacture? From China and other far-east countries to European, Middle Eastern, African, and American nations, the goods and items we use daily are part of a global supply chain. This chain starts at the manufacturer and ends with a satisfied consumer. In between, is a complex network of freight professionals, including our very own team.

Goods manufactured in Europe and surrounding countries, such as Turkey, normally travel to Malta by road. We either use our own trailers or appoint an international partner to make a collection. They then travel to central warehouses where goods are grouped and dispatched by road trailer to Malta. In many cases, the trailer boards a sea vessel to Malta from Sicily, although lots of other ports are also used. In most cases, these goods do not require customs clearance, so are quickly delivered to the shop for you to look at or purchase.

As we all know, most goods around us are manufactured in China, Thailand, Vietnam, or other far Eastern countries. Getting goods from there to your local electronics or fashion store is a little more complicated. Goods are normally sent to our indicated warehouse and board a container vessel bound for Europe. These ships take weeks to travel across the globe, passing through tight channels, such as the Malacca Strait in Indonesia and the now infamous Suez Canal in Egypt.

Along their route, these container vessels might unload the goods at a freeport. Here they wait for another vessel to collect them in order to continue their journey. Freeports, such as the one we have in Malta, are so-called since they allow the unloading and loading of international freight without charging any taxes, such as customs duties. Once they leave the freeport, such as to land at the Eurobridge warehouse, they become subject to applicable import duties.

We Make It Look Easy

The processes we have described involve hundreds of people, thousands of hours, and probably tens of thousands of cups of coffee. Logistics is a complex and challenging sector that requires experience and tenacity. Fortunately, we have both these characteristics, which is why so many retailers in Malta trust us to deliver their shipments.

If you would like to become one of our satisfied customers, get in touch with us today.


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