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Both new and established businesses that need to export or import goods or raw materials depend on their freight forwarding partner. The world has witnessed the vulnerability of global supply chains several times in the past few years, and it’s up to your freight forwarding partners to navigate your shipments in an effective and cost-efficient manner.

No matter if you’re just launching your enterprise or already have a freight forwarding partner, here’s how you can determine which provider is best suited for you.


1. Look At The Overall Track Record

It’s easier than ever to learn about the quality of service delivered by different logistics partners. Whether on social media, review websites, or by worth of mouth, you can get a very good idea of the professional worth of any potential partner.

Red flags would include a history of cheating clients or of not being honest and upfront with them.

2. Check Out Their Customer Communication Channels

Maintaining steady communication with clients is a vital feature of any reputable business. You need to know that your partner is responsive and easy to communicate with.

Before engaging a new partner, you should make use of different channels to verify the business’ commitment to effective communication with customers.

3. Gauge Their Understanding Of National And International Regulations

This might sound like a complicated task, but it’s sometimes sufficient just to go through a company’s blog or social media accounts. Transport laws vary from one country to another, even, sometimes, with the EU itself.

Whilst a business that shows an in-depth understanding of these rules is likely to make deliveries efficiently, one that doesn’t is likely to face delays.

4. Look At The Different Freight Forwarding Options

The best and most competent freight forwarding partners offer an in-depth and comprehensive range of forwarding options. They are able to transport shipments by sea, air, and road through a number of express and standard services.

This versatility is important, as it gives you the opportunity to choose whether speed, cost, or convenience is a specific shipment’s priority.

5. View Their Investment In Technology

A freight forwarding partner that has invested in appropriate technology, such as vehicle tracking and RFID, understands that the industry is undergoing rapid change. Without such technologies, logistics companies face administrative hurdles and inefficiencies.

This inevitably leads to higher costs as well as more frequent and longer delays.

6. Explore Their Ability To Adapt To Sudden Changes

Talk to representatives of logistics partners to understand how they’ve dealt with threats to the industry.

From Covid-19 to the blocking of the Suez Canal, and the new EU regulations, the industry has faced plenty of challenges in recent years. Understanding how logistics companies have dealt with them can help you gauge their ability to adapt and keep your supply chain on track.

Is EuroBridge The Right Freight Forwarding Partner For Your Business?

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