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EuroBridge is one of the nation’s leading freight-forwarding companies, which strives to offer the most efficient, reliable, and competitive logistical service around.

Here are some interesting titbits about the business’s inner workings.

1. Ever-Growing

EuroBridge Shipping Services started back in 1995 with a trio of full-time employees managing everything in the company for ten years. By the time 2015 rolled around, business was booming and the number of employees had grown to ten.

As of the end of 2018, the number of staff had grown to 18, but the team is ambitious and by the end of this year we plan to reach our target of growing to 25 people in total.

2. New Premises

A growing team indicates that business is in demand and doing well. As the company and staff grow, so must the premises where the magic happens. In fact, our team has recently moved operations to a new warehouse in Qormi.

The EuroBridge presence makes quite the statement through a warehouse of around 1,300 sqm and a yard of about 2,088 sqm. In total, the location covers a total area of 3,784.5 sqm – that’s 70% of a standard football pitch!

3. Heavy Loads

Our area of expertise is ferrying precious cargo for its clients, whether big or small. The heavier the load, the more excited we get at the challenge!

Just last year, in 2018, we calculated that we shipped over 10,000 tonnes of cargo. Talk about gross tonnage!

4. Filled to the brim

The more trips our team gets to coordinate and make, the happier we are, so, obviously, we’re armed to the teeth to do this job with 36 trailers ready and raring to go.

Last year, at EuroBridge, we carried out over 900 trips inclusive of groupage trailers, full trailers and containers, exports, air freight, and courier shipments. As for individual shipments we’ve calculated that there were over 13,000! Whew, our heads are spinning just thinking about those numbers.

5. Unusually impressive

Even in the world of freighting, exciting things tend to happen unexpectedly. Some of the most memorable moments we’ve had included:

  • Transporting an extremely valuable artwork without knowing its worth until the Superintendent of Cultural Heritage showed up to check its authenticity (don’t worry it was authentic)
  • Transporting 2 huge machines from Tokyo to Malta during the Christmas period in a roundabout way through Milan (cue special permissions) within the agreed timeframe
  • Importing those waste separation bins you probably have in your backyard
  • Importing all the equipment used by Malta International Airport for their conveyor systems
  • Having groupage trailers of more than 30 or 40 shipments, sometimes even of 60 (groupage trailers normally contain 10-20 shipments)

6. Lightning speed

Have a query? Our fantastic customer support team will get back to you within 1 hour of your request for any shipments they are directly involved in – yes, even if you send the email during the night.

Ship away!

Whatever you may require to be transported, shipped, or imported, you should get in touch with EuroBridge. We pride ourselves on being experts in every single service we provide, ensuring that goods arrive safe and sound to final destination every the time.