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Warehousing & Storage

Professional warehousing, storing and packing of cargo

State-of-the-art warehousing and storage solutions across 4000 SQM


Your shipments are stored in temperature controlled environments, ensuring that the quality of your product is never at risk.

Optimum condition delivery

Our focus is not just on delivering your shipments, but to deliver them in an optimum delivery condition.

Handled with care

We understand to handle the transport process carefully, focusing on the strict requirements and delivery times.

A safe haven for your wares

Through an extensive global network and local contacts, EuroBridge offers a flexible, fast and efficient full load services for all your full-load shipments with both containers and trailers.

Since we have no strings attached with any shipping company, we can offer you the best rates and the best possible full load services throughout the globe as we seek the best possible package for your interest.

Get the best rates for storing goods

We have excellent business relationships with the leading shipping companies calling in Malta, thus making us your only stop to get the best deal for full load services.

  • Large warehouse in Ħal Qormi
  • Open from Monday to Friday under continuous supervision
  • State-of-the-art warehousing storage facilities
  • Professional Packer available
  • Incredibly competitive rates

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