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Shipping Insurance

Hassle-free insurance and fast reimbursements for shipping to and from Malta.

Hassle-free insurance for your shipping needs

Insuring Your Shipments

In order to cover and protect your shipments, we recommend that you insure the goods with our shipping insurance Malta service.

Minimal costs

The price for insuring the shipments can be as little as 0.5% of the whole shipment. This is a small price for the peace of mind that is provided.

Fast reimbursement

We ensure that you are quickly reimbursed should any mishap happen to your shipments. At EuroBridge, we want to give total peace of mind to our clients.

Comprehensive and affordable insurance

EuroBridge offers shipping insurance services to offer its clients complete peace of mind about their shipments in transit. We will broker the best insurance rate for your transport needs while ensuring adequate coverage for your goods.

Our team can provide you with a free shipping insurance quote, guaranteeing a hassle-free service and rapid reimbursements.

For even more peace of mind

Through our expertise in this area and our other logistics services, we can offer an efficient delivery service from the collection point to the final destination which is second to none, backed up by comprehensive and affordable insurance.

Your items are as valuable to us as much as they are for our partners, which is why we offer:

  • Comprehensive insurance coverage at minimal cost
  • Hassle-free insurance service
  • Fast reimbursements

Get a free insurance quote for your next shipment