We offer global weekly groupage services from all over the world with our extensive network of renowned and reliable partners. All of our partners are electronically linked to us, enabling us to offer our clientele the service they have always dreamed of.  Quotes within 24 hours and constant updates are practically guaranteed and shipments are all valuable to us as much as they are for our partners.

Through our expertise in this area and our other services listed above, we can offer a door-to-door service which is second to none. Alongside these service we provide Insurance Malta service where for only a fraction of of the Cost and Freight, you will be offered an insurance to cover any damages and/or losses that might result to your goods.

With our service we provide:

  • Comprehensive Insurance at a Minimal Cost
  • A Hassle Free Insurance Malta Service
  • Fast reimbursements

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Why Are We The Best?

EuroBridge Shipping Services Limited is a Freight-Forwarding Company striving to offer the most efficient, reliable and competitive logistical service on the Island.
We will lead the industry standard in delivering quality services in freight forwarding, global logistics, and international trade. We will achieve the above by identifying and understanding the expectations of our customers, than set requirements based on these expectations.
We aim to only cooperate with the most reputable organisations in our business. We are a team, with a single commitment to promote loyalty by working in unison with our customers to achieve our mutual goals.
We are committed to continuously challenge ourselves to improve our Quality Management System which is line with the requirements of ISO9001:2008


Insuring Your Shipments

No matter how efficient our service and other suppliers’ service is, accidents may happen. In order to cover and protect your shipments, we recommend that you insure the shipment with our Insurance Malta service.


Minimal Costs On Insurance Malta

The price for insuring the shipments can be as little as 0.5% of the whole shipment. This is a small price for the peace of mind that is provided.


Fast Reimbursements

We ensure that you are quickly reimbursed should any mishap happen to your shipments. At Eurobridge we want to give total peace of mind to our clients.

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