Customs Clearance Malta

Our company is renowned for our trouble free and efficient customs clearance Malta service offering all that is necessary to help you keep your business on the leading edge.  Being EU or non-EU, importing or exporting we are your trusted source to manage your customs brokerage.

Our computers are connected directly to the customs clearance Malta system so we do not need to waste time in hand writing unnecessary forms and traveling to customs before we know the duties payable.  We can also check for you with no obligations any duties payable before you import the particular commodity so as to check your costings.

Our document handling provides easy archiving and retrieval of important customs brokerage documents for your future needs.

  • Direct Links to Maltese Customs and NSO
  • EU and non-EU Customs Clearance
  • Documentation Archiving
  • Air and Sea Clearance
  • Really fast and efficient service
  • Duty rates checks with no obligation
  • Incredibly competitive rates
  • Full Confidentiality

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Why Are We The Best?

EuroBridge Shipping Services Limited is a Freight-Forwarding Company striving to offer the most efficient, reliable and competitive logistical service on the Island.
We will lead the industry standard in delivering quality services in freight forwarding, global logistics, and international trade. We will achieve the above by identifying and understanding the expectations of our customers, than set requirements based on these expectations.
We aim to only cooperate with the most reputable organisations in our business. We are a team, with a single commitment to promote loyalty by working in unison with our customers to achieve our mutual goals.
We are committed to continuously challenge ourselves to improve our Quality Management System which is line with the requirements of ISO9001:2008


Efficient Customs Clearance Malta

We will ensure that your shipments are cleared from customs in a timely and efficient manner, handling all the required processes and paperwork.

Problem Solved Customs

Trouble Free Process For You

What this means for our customers is that they will have all their shipments cleared from custom without the need to worry of the bureaucratic process.

Keep You Informed

Regularly Updating You

Being directly linked in the Maltese, EU and non EU customs systems, we will make sure that you are regularly updated until the process ends.

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