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EuroBridge is proud to announce that David Abela, the company’s Managing Director, has been formally appointed President of the Association of Groupage Operators (AGO). David has been Acting President of the AGO since 4th January, and on the 7th of February, his appointment was confirmed.

As President of the AGO, David aims to improve the overall efficiencies and cleanliness of the Ħal Far Groupage Complex. In doing so, imported freight would undergo a smoother, quicker clearing process, including customs clearance. This should allow operators to deliver a better service to their customers and avoid costly and lengthy delays.

What Does the AGO President Do?

The President is tasked with leading the AGO committee and ensuring that decisions are implemented. Moreover, with the help of the committee, the President must also ensure that members adhere to the Association’s decisions.

The AGO was formed in the 1990s to represent all licensed groupage operators who were allowed to release cargo from within the Ħal Far Groupage Complex. Cleaning and maintaining the complex’s common areas are part of the Association’s responsibilities. In addition, it works closely with Malta Customs and other entities to support positive changes in the industry.

Hitting the Ground Running

David’s entrepreneurial spirit did not leave him much time to bask in his accomplishment. Determined to create a positive impact, he, together with committee members, has already held a meeting with the Director General of Malta Customs.

This meeting followed the registration of the Association which, until just a few months ago, was an unofficial group.

In the coming weeks, the AGO will be tackling the challenge brought about by limited space within the complex. This deficiency has long been a cause for concern for operators and has often led to delays in groupage processing.

David is also eager to see that the Association becomes the first point of contact for its members to discuss challenges, seek assistance, and resolve difficulties.

The Right Person for the Job

Whilst the role of the President of the AGO is hardly glamorous, it provides the right person with the necessary influence to bring about positive change in the industry.

According to EuroBridge’s CEO, Robert Cassar, David “will be a great asset in assisting groupage operators to continue maximizing the use of the Ħal Far Groupage Complex as well as continue the dialogue with Malta Customs for operators to meet their obligations in order to give the best service to Maltese businesses.”

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