Logistics Malta?

Malta has modern capabilities that allows flexible and efficient transportation of people and goods to, from and around the country. Being an island, the country relies on its ports, airports and its infrastructure.

Thanks to Malta’s strategic location, the island’s reputation has stood its ground as one of the foremost maritime and logistics centres in the region. It is located ideally for those who are willing to grasp the opportunity of trade between Europe, Africa and the rest of the world.

With the airport being located 10km away from the capital city, the Malta International Airport provides direct flights where the journey towards the majority of the destinations are more or less three hours of travelling time.

Air Logistics Malta

In Malta, the fastest way to move in and out of the country is by air. With a modern day airport, able to handle the largest commercial jets, commuting is quick and efficient for both travelers and freight carriers alike.

Sea Logistics Malta

The island is surrounded by the Mediterranean Sea and shipping has been, through Malta’s long history, a main stage post on trading lines. Excellent port facilities, modern ship handling facilities and dynamic ship repair companies ensure excellent capabilities for those who choose the sea as their main means of transportation.

Road Logistics Malta

Across all of its main islands, a system of road networks connect the island through all its locations. Apart from the traditional commuters and public transport, the country offers great commercial capabilities in terms of vehicles, infrastructure and services for transportation.

Logistics Malta