Exasperation. That’s what most local shipping executives feel when they’re searching for a reliable and cost-effective forwarding solution for their export business. While it’s relatively easy to find good freight forwarding deals as regards to importing, as far exporting goes there always seem to be far fewer options on the market.

Because of this situation, local companies often end up paying exorbitant costs to export items and putting up with inadequate transit times, which results in local manufacturers having to face an even tougher time competing in the global market.

But not anymore!

EuroBridge has just launched its groupage export service to all European destinations. Our company is already well-renowned for its import services and we felt it was the right time to enter the export market.

We offer three guarantees to all customers who use our new groupage export service:

1. Export rates as low as import rates

The cost of exporting is actually less than that of importing, so why are groupage export rates always so much more expensive than imports? It’s all because of a lack of reliable competition.

Up until now, only a handful of local trailer operators could offer a reliable export service for Maltese companies and thus they quoted very high rates.

EuroBridge is finally disrupting the status quo and tilting the balance back in your favour by offering the same rates on exports and imports to all customers; making exporting a more affordable proposition from now on.

2. Super-fast transit times to all major European destination

The team at EuroBridge isn’t happy just offering you cheap export rates. We also want to guarantee the fastest service available on the market.

We are already loading weekly shipments that depart every Saturday, with the first deliveries reaching Northern Italy by the following Tuesday and shipments to major European cities arriving at their destination by Friday.

This means that any delivery will be completed within a less-than-1-week transit timeframe. Timed deliveries can also be arranged if needed.

3. Real-time updates and follow-ups

As we do with our import service, the logistics team at EuroBridge tracks all export shipments directly from our offices in Marsa, therefore guaranteeing real-time status updates and helping customers avoid the extra hassle and time wasting of having to inquire with overseas agents.

20% discount on all shipments booked by end of June 2017

To promote our new groupage export service, EuroBridge is offering a 20% discount on quoted rates for all shipments booked before the end of June 2017.  This means that besides offering significantly cheaper rates than our competitors, for the next 3 months all exporters can take advantage of this offer and reduce their exporting costs even more.

Get your free quote today and benefit from 20% off!

If you would like to know more about EuroBridge and our services, send us an email with your questions on sales@eurobridge.com.mt or call our offices on +356 2248 7000.

Our motto is “Yours to count on” and we sign all our emails with that statement because it is our intention that you feel you can always count on us for your shipping needs.