Why Shipping Services Malta?

Located in the Mediterranean Sea, Malta is a Southern European island comprising an archipelago of three islands with the population totalling to just over 400,000 inhabitants. Malta being the largest Island is known as the most cultural commercial and also the administrative centre. Gozo is the second largest island and is known for its rural environment characterised through its fishing, agriculture, crafts and the tourism which it attracts.

With a historical background stretching back to 700 years, Malta is also popular for its sunny weather and beautiful beaches which surround it. While Malta has its own language, the Maltese are able to communicate with their second language which is English. Apart from that many can make use of other languages such as Italian and German.  Being situated between North Africa and Europe, Malta’s geographic position has always played an important role in providing an important link between various countries where it manages to be part of reaching across the cultural and business divide.

Thanks to Malta’s strategic location, the island’s reputation has stood its ground as one of the foremost maritime and logistics centres in the region. It is located ideally for those who are willing to grasp the opportunity of trade between Europe, Africa and the rest of the world. With the airport being located 10km away from the capital city, the Malta International Airport provides direct flights where the journey towards the majority of the destinations are more or less three hours of travelling time.

Malta’s harbour is considered as one of the most beautiful harbours around Europe in which while entering through the harbour one can indulge in the historical surroundings which this small island embraces. Malta is also equipped with a Freeport where it has been playing an important role for companies and also individuals who make use of this container trans-shipment hub. That is why Eurobridge Shipping Services Malta is perfectly located to provide an excellent logistics service.

Map - About Malta